Monday, April 16, 2012

sex, drugs, disasters

 This essay was very interesting. The different theories as to what could have happened of the dinosaurs was interesting. The first theory, sex, said that the temperatures were rising so much that the male testes couldn't function in the heat and they died off due to lack of reproduction. I never thought about this theory but it made me think it could have possibly happened so it opened up my mind a bit. the next theory, drugs, says that there could have been possible flowers with hallucinogens that would make the dinosaurs trip and eventually overdose, again never thought of this theory but that doesnt mean its not possible and the last theory, disasters, is the most common theory. The theory that the dinosaurs went extinct because of meteorites so big that it destroyed almost all species in the world. this is something ive heard a lot and i think its the most believable, theres still proof of meteorites and it's the most brought up speculation. I think so far this was my favorite presentation, Scott obviously knew what he was talking about with his group and was super interested and proved facts and showed lots of excitement about his research.

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