Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The COVE Response

The Cove was by far one of the saddest film I have seen. I couldn't imagine how bad slaughtering could get any worse among those innocent dolphins. This movie was definitely filmed to inform people about the killing of about 23,000 dolphins each year and to stop and change the Japanese fishing practices at the cove. It was also filmed to educate viewers the high risk of mercury poisoning from dolphin meat. Knowing this I would think maybe killing dolphins should stop if the risk of mercury poisoning could cause severe brain damage or maybe even death. So why kill so many dolphins or even kill them at all? I mean i understand that it helps create jobs for the people and that this so called job brings food and a roof over these "fisher men's" heads and their families as well. But honestly their are other ways they could bring food and shelter to their families without having to captivate and slaughter so many dolphins. We have a huge variety of fishes out in the ocean that we could catch/kill and are way healthier to eat other than dolphins. But then again maybe there isn't other jobs these fishermen's can work for. One of the things that got me thinking was the way this movie was filmed. The movie only captured the killing of dolphins and the behavior acted upon the dolphins at the cove but it didn't really address what would happen to the small city of Taiji if the slaughter of dolphins were to stop. Will the city survive if they were to stop doing this? The film was only addressing one point and doesn't sway an opinion, it just open our eyes to a situation. Yes one could argue that it that America has no right to be messing in other peoples business cause then it would cause other problems, and this i agree with. But now that the Japanes people outside of Taiji know whast happening at the cove, I'm pretty sure they would eventually take this matter in their owns hands and try and stop/protest against the slaughtering of these dolphins.

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